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Entrepreneurship is a key driver of development and innovation in the fastest growing and evolving technology sectors globally. Supporting digital entrepreneurs in their journey from ideation through incubation, startup, funding, launching and eventual evolution into a SME is a strategic priority of the State of Qatar. To this end, several programs are available to help foster an environment of support to enable our startups to achieve their aims.

Digital entrepreneurs can access programs
to assist with various areas, including:

Working Space

Solutions for shared working spaces

Product-Market Fit

The first great leap, designing a product or service that responds to a demand in the market

Business Plan Development

The roadmap that will take the idea from concept to execution


Identifying and closing on funding for early stage capital


Developing a prototype of the product, testing it, and improving on it to make it market-ready

Scaling Productions and Manufacturing

Scaling a successful prototype into mass distribution


How to successfully market a new product/service and track results


Opportunities to connect entrepreneurs to potential partners, investors, and employees