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Tasmu Digital Valley

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) is committed to accelerate the development of the digital sector in Qatar, consistent with the Ministry’s five-year strategy to leverage technology to develop Qatar as a regionally competitive smart economy.

In accordance with this strategy, MCIT has embarked on the following strategic initiatives:

  • 01

    Develop and advance the digital sector in Qatar.

  • 02

    Identify and promote investment opportunities, and encourage public-private partnerships.

  • 03

    Attract foreign investment.

  • 04

    Offer incentives for Qatari entrepreneurs.

  • 05

    Generate awareness on the benefits of using digital technologies in business, and encourage the usage of digital technologies, specifically in SMEs.

  • 06

    Enhance the competitiveness of Qatari digital products and services locally, regionally, and internationally and hence, in pursuit of this goal the Qatar Digital Business Awards were established.

With the aim to enhance the competitiveness of Qatari digital products and services, MCIT has structured an annual industry recognition program that has been active since 2012, and has become a central feature of the drive to develop the digital industry in Qatar. The Qatar Digital Business Awards program aims to encourage digital companies to develop their skills, enhance their capabilities, and raise their service standards to compete regionally and internationally.

The Qatar Digital Business Awards program is annual digital ecosystem recognition and rewards program that aims to:

  • Tasmu Digital Valley

    Promote major achievements of the local digital industry players.

  • Tasmu Digital Valley

    Create a competitive digital ecosystem that encourages the development of digital players.

  • Tasmu Digital Valley

    Support the growth and expansion of Qatar’s digital sector.

  • Tasmu Digital Valley

    Identify excellence in digital adoption and innovation in the 5 Tasmu key sectors (transportation, logistics, healthcare, environment, and sports).

  • Tasmu Digital Valley

    Accelerate moving towards a knowledge-based economy and encourage innovation in Qatar.

  • Tasmu Digital Valley

    Enable Qatar to become a regional technology hub.

The Qatar Digital Business Awards program awards digital players in multiple categories:

  • Tasmu Digital Valley
    Service Delivery
  • Tasmu Digital Valley
    Digital Adoption
  • Tasmu Digital Valley
  • Tasmu Digital Valley