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Tech Venture Fund

Tech Venture Fund

One of the greatest challenges for entrepreneurs is the identification of early stage seed capital. Though eventually eclipsed by the challenges of Series A/B round funding, seed stage capital is critical for young businesses to hire talent, reach early customers and begin booking revenue. The Tech Venture Fund from Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) provides an opportunity for tech founders and entrepreneurs to source seed-stage capital. The Tech Venture Fund provides funding in the following ways:

  • Convertible Note

    A convertible note is short term debt which converts to equity. During seed funding, the debt converts to preferred stock at the closing of Series A. Tech Venture Fund average ticket size is: USD 100k – 500k


  • Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE)

    A SAFE has become a common mechanism of supplying capital in an un-priced round and is now perceived as a means of bypassing the convertible note. This is not a debt tool and will not therefore accrue any interest. Tech Venture Fund average ticket size: USD 50k – 500k


  • Series A/B Participation

    QSTP can be a source of follow-on capital after a lead institutional investor is firmly on board and has conducted a valuation. Tech Venture Fund average ticket size: USD 1M – 3M


Eligible candidates include established and incubated tech startups, accelerators, graduates with 100% dedicated members, spin outs from branch campuses or research institutes. For additional information, please see the program homepage.