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DTSME Program

DTSME Program

The Digital Transformation of SMEs program (DTSME) in an initiative of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) designed to encourage the usage of information technology in small and medium scale enterprises, and enhance awareness of the benefits of using modern technology in the business sector.

With a focus on Web Presence, eCommerce and Cloud Services, the DTSME program aims to connect enterprises to the right service providers to begin their digital transformation journey. Delivery of the program is done through training and awareness sessions delivered by service provider companies based in Qatar and active in the respective focus areas, with overall facilitation through the DTSME program and their corporate partners.

For SMEs, these sessions provide an avenue for their business to understand how to leverage digital technologies to optimize their business models and access services that enable them to meet hidden customer demand. For additional information, please see the program homepage.