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Business Connect Program

Business Connect Program

Business Connect is a program initiated by the Ministry of Transport (MOT) to improve digital capabilities and increase the adoption of digital technologies across Qatar by identifying domains with high growth potential and implementing programs to accelerafte and enhance them.

Research into the market has highlighted many areas with high potential for investment and growth

Public-Private Sector Collaboration:

The government has taken the lead by investing heavily in the use of digital technology, generating opportunities for the private sector to increase its own digital footprint by leveraging public sector interest into products and services that can better target private sector needs.

SME Digital Adoption:

There is significant scope for adoption of cloud, mobile and ecommerce within the SME sector.


A number of university programs exist related to digital, offering a broad scope to further develop human capital specially trained in the sector.

Greater Maturity of Digital Products

Much of the market revolves around more basic digital products such as hardware and system integration. There is a strong potential to use incubators and accelerators to help support development and innovation at a higher digital maturity level.

The program has determined that in order to support these and other growth areas, the following areas of support are required:

Improve maturity & capabilities of digital firms

Increase internal industry coordination

Improve public-private sector collaboration

Facilitate improved market efficiency

Reform regulatory gaps and impediments

As such, Business Connect is embarking on a series of initiatives to develop the digital capabilities and advance the digital ecosystem
  • Digital capability building events, webinars, workshops, roadshows, trade shows, and training sessions.
  • Providing digital advisory services for SMEs
  • Networking events


Build internal digital capabilities in Qatar


Build Qatar’s exporting capabilities in digital