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What are Drones?

Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are unmanned aircrafts that can be controlled remotely by a human operator, or fly autonomously through embedded software programs containing flight plans and utilizing on-board sensors and GPS. There are two main categories of drones; military drones and commercial drones, with a variety of use cases across agriculture, energy, government, construction, media & entertainment, and transportation.

Drones Qatar

What is the Drones Market Size in Qatar?

The drones market size in Qatar was estimated at US $94 million in 2022, and is expected to grow by 13% annually to reach US $152 million in 2026.

94m USD


Why invest in Drones in Qatar?

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    The commercial drones market in Qatar is projected to more than double by 2022, with demand expected to be driven by both major government projects and private sector uptake in key industries

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    The Tasmu Smart Qatar program, FIFA World Cup 2022 preparations, and the growing number of new applications of drones in key sectors, will be the main drivers of demand for drone technology in Qatar

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    The low number of players and offerings in the Qatari drone market suggests an opportunity for new entrants to capture a large share of the growing market

Drones players already in Qatar:

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  • Drones playerss already in Qatar
  • Drones playerss already in Qatar

Metrics and Graphs

Qatar Drones Market Size (USD Mn)

Drones Qatar
Source: BuddeComm; Deloitte Analysis