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Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the study of computers that can do tasks that would normally require human intelligence. “Narrow AI” refers to computers that outperform humans in some specific field, while “general AI” refers to computers that can surpass human capabilities in many domains. Common applications of AI include financial services, energy & utilities, retail, healthcare, technology, media & entertainment, transportation, and logistics.

Artificial Intelligence Qatar

What is the Artificial Intelligence Market Size in Qatar?

The artificial intelligence market size in Qatar was estimated at US $31 million in 2022, and is expected to grow by 17.4% annually to reach US $58.8 million in 2026.

31m USD


Why invest in Artificial Intelligence in Qatar?

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    The top three industries projected to be most impacted by AI—construction, energy, and the public sector—are strategic sectors for Qatar

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    Future demand for AI solutions in Qatar will be driven by the TASMU Smart Qatar program, rising penetration of AI in Qatar, the disruption of Qatar’s key sectors, and the challenges associated with hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022

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    The lack of major AI solution providers presents new entrants an opportunity to dominate a rapidly growing market

Artificial Intelligence players already in Qatar:

  • Artificial Intelligence playerss already in Qatar

Metrics and Graphs

Qatar Artificial Intelligence Market Size (USD Mn) 

Artificial Intelligence Qatar
Source: BuddeComm; Deloitte Analysis